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Are you considering the construction of a country house in Majorca?

Martin van der Kam 29, ENE, 2018

Are you interested in buying a second-hand country house in Majorca but nothing meets your expectations? Tearing down old structures and building afresh may be more expensive than a new construction since you can find yourself with a low-quality construction and also with materials that don’t match your tastes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to think about buying a plot in Majorca and building a country house oneself. We would be pleased to help you during the process of selection of the plot, and also the construction of your country house in Majorca. We would come along with you throughout the whole building process.  

Buying a plot and constructing: it is important to consider that obtaining a building license for a new construction in Majorca can last up to a year and an additional year for the building works. However, the advantages are evident: you can build a new house in Majorca according to your taste and personal priorities. Nowadays, the construction in Majorca meets the most demanding European quality standards. While a second-hand property has very high maintenance expenses, a new construction is guaranteed for 10 years and has no maintenance expenses. Moreover, a newly constructed house, matches the most recent energetic standard leading to lower energetic use and expenses.

It is also very important to know that buying a plot and building gains a high additional value that is lower than the price of a pre-existing house, and also fits completely your likes and priorities. Therefore, buying a plot and building afresh in Majorca means both   an interesting investment and a great source of profitability for the future.

Our clients know that “Casal Mallorqui”, based in Manacor in the eastern of Majorca is an outstanding real estate agency in the island. We also are specialists in building and developing projects and your consultors since 2011. We would be happy to provide you some recommendations from clients who have bought and constructed with us in the past.

Our clients rely on as the unique agent that will come along with you during the whole project process. That is, by the purchase, the development and the building process. This is our business philosophy. We will give you objective recommendations when buying a plot, inform you about the current building regulations and advice you on other issues, like the best orientation for your project or the exact position of the house in the plot. We will also consider the different options for the power and water supply. For any further information about this issue, please look up our blog “Building regulations for fincas and country houses in Majorca”.

For us, the personalised customer service is essential. We will hold flowing conversations to know exactly what your ideal country house in Majorca is like: rustic or modern, minimalist or romantic, its dimensions, the pool, the garden… Thanks to all these data, we can provide you with an estimate final cost of the entire project. These are very important issues that must be established before starting the building process, since your new home in Majorca should reflect your taste and desire, but more importantly, fit your budget.

We will recommend you an architect, who will attend your ideas and will register in the town the basic building project. This basic project determines the concrete house location on the plot, the house dimensions to be built, its shape and height, and the swimming pool and terraces.

Normally, a period of one year is needed until obtaining the basic project license. First, the town hall checks it and then transfers it to the Consell Insular, or Island Council for its approval. Once approved, it is sent back to the hall that issues the basic project permit. In order to obtain the definitive permit, the detailed project must be submitted during the basic project approval process. This way, the building works can start immediately after receiving the basic project permit. The detailed project includes the following: it determines the materials to be used, the structure of the house and all other details.

While waiting for the permits, we will start conditioning the land. We will show you sample houses and typical materials from the area (mares, Santanyí stone, natural stone floors, etc) and we will guide you when visiting the companies in which you can choose the building materials for your home in Majorca.  We will also decide together the house’s electrical and sanitary installation. It will not be a problem if you decide to build your house according to ecological criteria. Please read on our blog “Ecological construction and remodelling in Mallorca”.

Once the most important and fundamental decisions are made, the surveyor of “Casal Mallorqui” will request all budgets to the different companies involved in the construction, like carpenters, plumbers, etc… These budgets will always respect your personal preferences established before, and the will be checked and compared so that you get the most accurate. Then we will decide with you which companies will be hired and thus determine the total cost of the entire project.

Besides being by your side, we will also monitor in situ the building works of your house in Majorca. Each week you will receive a report on the development of the works supported with graphic documentation. Throughout the building process, the bills from the hired companies will be issued monthly, which will be checked by our surveyor and compared with the budgets established previously. If you wish to add or modify any point, we will ask for an additional budget after getting your written approval. This way, you will always have an updated information about both the evolution of the building process and the its expenses so that there will not be any unpleasant surprises in this aspect.

Even once the building works are completed we take responsibility and we will keep being your support point. We still maintain contact with many of our customers whom we built their home in Majorca. We would be happy to have the chance to present our services to you personally. 

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