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What documents do I need to sell my house in Mallorca?

Martin van der Kam 20, NOV, 2019

Nowadays, the sale of a property requires a series of mandatory procedures and therefore the presentation of certain documents. All this documentation needed to sell your house in Mallorca must be delivered in the presence of a notary. Although in all regions of Spain does not require the same type of documents, we present you a list with the most important and essential ones.


DNI/NIE - The owner of a property must present the National Identity Document in order to prove its identity. In case the owner is a foreigner, he must present the NIE.


CADASTER - In the cadaster it is where we can see the main characteristics of the property: the graphic representation, the location, the surface, the use or destination, its cadastral reference ... in case the property is a land or a plot it also informs us on the kind of use or cultivation of it. Although this document is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to obtain it. Any person can access the cadaster headquarters and acquire it for free. It is mandatory to update the data to match the registry certification and the cadaster.


URBAN SOLID WASTE RATE - It is the amount to be paid for the collection and management of urban solid waste. It is a rate that each city hall manages for itself, so it is not the same amount in every city.


CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY - This document proves that a property or building has the minimum required conditions of hygiene, health and solidity of the structure in addition to the adequate facilities to be able to inhabit it.

It is essential for the contracting of any water, electricity, gas, sewage, telecommunications, etc. service. And to be able to acquire some type of tourist rental license. This certificate expires at 10 years.

There are three types of certificate of occupancy that can be granted:

First occupation - Having executed a new work, renovation or extension of the building or property in question that affects more than 60% of the change in use, distribution or consolidation.

Renewal - Having expired the previous certificate and there is no circumstance to request one of first occupation.

Lack - By not having any of the two previous certificates and proving that the property has been built before March 1, 1987 and has not undergone any alteration or work described in the first occupation since the date mentioned.


ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE (EPC) EFFICIENCY CERTIFICATE - Since June 1, 2013, it is essential and mandatory for any type of purchase or rental operation to present an Energy efficiency certificate. This certificate indicates the energy rating of a property, that is, it informs us about the CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere, its energy consumption and the level of energy savings and efficiency in relation to the dimensions of the property.

This level of savings and efficiency is indicated by a range of different colors and letters ranging from “A” to “G”. A being the highest efficient and G the lowest.

This certificate expires at 10 years from the moment it is released.


REGISTRY CERTIFICATION UPDATED- This is where you can find all kind of information related to the property. It includes the type of propertythat is, whether it is a plot, a building or a house, and if it’s located on rustic or urban land. It also indicates the ownership, that is, the name of who it belongs to and the mode of its acquisition, the exact location, the boundaries and limitations of the property, the surface or dimensions and everything that is registered on the property. In addition, it also informs us about whether the property in question may have a charge and / or limitation on use. This may be the shortest document with more information of all. To acquire a registry certification, you should go to the land registry.


IBI (Property Tax) - The last or up to 5 last IBI receipts must be submitted.  It is the amount that must be paid annually by any property owner, it is a tax that taxes the ownership of the property. 


LAST INVOICE OF GAS, WATER, ELECTRICITY SUPPLIES, etc. - These documents, together with the registry certification and the IBI, among others, prove to be up to date in the housing payments.


MUNICIPAL CERTIFICATE OF NON-EXISTENCE OF URBAN INFRINGEMENT RECORDS - This certificate is the one that determines if a property has any file of urban infraction under its charge. It is only requested in case the house or part of the house is built without a building permit or in case of doubt about its legality


CERTIFICATE OF DEMARCATION OF SHORES - In the case of an estate or building that borders the sea, the Certificate of Demarcation of shores must be obtained. Determines that the property does not invade the land maritime public domain.


BUILDING LICENSE - In the event that the property for sale has undergone some reform or has been newly built, the owner must present this document that supposes the authorization, by the municipality, for the realization of the works.


PLANE OF THE PROPERTY - Although this one is not mandatory at all, it is a very interesting and useful document for the future buyer in case he wants to make some kind of reform or modification of the property.


In Casal Mallorquí we recommend you to have all the necessary documentation to sell a house in Spain ready at the time you want to put it on sale in order to check if any documentation is missing.

There are many documents and procedures that are required when selling your home, so in Casal Mallorquí we help, advise and guide you throughout the process in order to speed up the operation and make sure it is carried out together with all legal guarantees.

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