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Martin van der Kam 25, JUN, 2020

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend a conference on the construction of Ecological and Low Energy houses on Mallorca, an idea that looked very interesting to us. This type of ecological construction of houses on Mallorca is based on the principles according to which our natural environments and ecosystems are governed. These ecological friendly houses on Mallorca coexist in a balanced manner with the place where they are integrated in. These eco homes are truly sustainable, that is, they facilitate the life and health of its inhabitants without altering the commitment to the environment.


The very-low or nearly zero-consumption houses on Mallorca refer to the construction type in which the resources of the bioclimatic architecture -such as renewable energy- are combined with a higher energy efficiency. It needs very little energy to maintain a pleasant and constant temperature throughout the year and does not need many active efforts, such as fuel combustion. It stocks up on the heat generated by the tenants themselves, on mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and, of course, on the sun’s heat. It can be said that these eco houses on Mallorca are, simultaneously, very comfortable ecological and energetically efficient.  


This building concept does not imply the use of a specific material type, architectural style or particular product, but the optimisation of existing resources such as a correct south-facing house and windows, putting solar protectors to prevent overheating, and have a good thermal insulation, among others. 


For an ecological friendly house on Mallorca to be considered a building with nearly zero- consumption, the following characteristics must be considered: 


-High thermal insulation of the building skin.

The thermal insulation must be optimal so that the heat cannot escape the house through the outer walls, roofs, inner walls and floors. Depending on the climate, a certain insulation thickness, facilities or material is required.


-Absolute tightness.

In most conventional houses we find air leaks that may come through cracks, window frames, gaps ... These leaks (continuous thermal losses) cause the air -both cold and hot- to get lost, causing condensation from inside. To avoid all these energy losses, the house needs to be hermetically sealed. This means an energy rating A.


-High-performance of windows and doors, ideally located.

The windows and doors used in this construction type are strategically arranged to let the sun into the building. They have double and triple glassing filled with an inert gas. The windows must have the right orientation to take advantage of the sun when they are closed and to get natural ventilation when opening them. It is very important to benefit from the heat and sunlight in winter, but also be able to stop it in summer to both avoid overheating and have a fresh environment.


-Rigorous control of thermal bridges.

There are different ways to lose or gain unwanted temperatures. It does occur not only in walls or ceilings, but also in corners, joints, axes, pipes ... It is essential that the whole building insulation has no interruptions. To avoid this, double walls or insulation of concrete foundations are used. 


- Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

This last element makes possible that all the above characteristics work optimally. This ventilation system takes advantage of the heat generated by both the inhabitants and the household appliances. This system preheats the clean air that enters the house before expelling the stale air. The amount of incoming and outcoming air must be the same, and they never mix. The heated air coming out warms the air that is coming in.


This efficient use of energy decreases the emission of greenhouse gases and has therefore direct health benefits for the house inhabitants.


It should be remembered that, according to the European Directive 2010/31 / EU, from the year 2020, all new buildings will be constructed according to nearly zero-consumption guidelines.


Casal Mallorqui is committed to this kind of buildings and environmentally friendly homes. For this reason, we will shortly start constructing ecological friendly and self-sustaining house on Mallorca and will keep you informed about all news. Should you want to get more information about it or be interested in starting a project of a ecological friendly home on Mallorca, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


T: +34 667 626 823




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