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Astonishing country house in absolute peaceful location in Manacor
: V 562 5.300.000.-
Country house under construction with sea view in Cala Romántica
: V 153 3.500.000.-
Exclusive luxury project of a country house near Es Trenc in Campos
: V 518 3.500.000.-
Historical estate with spectacular sea views nearby Manacor
: V 219 2.750.000.-
Luxury finca with holiday rental license near 'es Trenc' in Campos
: V 530 2.650.000.-
Spectacular new building project in modern design with sea view in Son Macia
: V 362 2.300.000.-
Elegant property with sea view in idyllic location in Son Macia
: V 411 2.300.000.-
Nice finca in very quiet location with spectacular views in Manacor
: V 451 2.150.000.-
Nice finca with sea views and holiday rental license in Porto Cristo
: V 559 2.150.000.-
Beautiful ecological building project with nice views by Son Macia
: V 299 1.990.000.-
Beautiful finca with modern design and panoramic views in Manacor
: V 393 1.900.000.-
Finca with beautiful views, stables and rental license at Arta
: V 498 1.850.000.-
Exclusive townhouse with with wonderful garden in Muro. Ideal for investors!
: V 421 1.800.000.-
Nice and quiet finca with sea view and rental license by Porto Cristo
: V 452 1.650.000.-
Large plot with spectacular sea view and project in Manacor
: V 500 1.609.000.-
Genuine Majorcan country house with reform project by Sineu
: V 330 1.595.000.-
Exclusive plot with building license and sea view near Portocolom
: V 429 1.500.000.-
18th century finca with astonishing views in Llucmajor
: V 406 1.500.000.-
First sea line villa with heartbreaking sea view in Porto Cristo
: V 354 1.499.000.-
Astonish country house with pool and a spectacular garden near Manacor
: V 492 1.465.000.-
Country house in quite and nice location with holiday rental license
: V 292 1.400.000.-
Nice villa with Mediterranean garden very close to Manacor
: V 461 1.275.000.-
Exquisite new turnkey building project with great views in Sineu
: V 473 1.250.000.-
Finca with spectacular sea views nearby Porto Cristo
: V 199 1.200.000.-
Plot with building license in a fantastic location near Portocolom
: V 430 1.000.000.-
Idyllic finca with magnificent sea view near Son Macià
: V 531 995.000.-
Rustic Mallorcan finca with stunning views nearby Sant Llorenç
: V 538 985.000.-
Beautiful Villa with sea view and holiday rental license in Portocristo
: V 412 980.000.-
Cut-in-two large plot with nice views to the landscape in Montuïri
: V 418 950.000.-
Beautiful turnkey project with nice views in a quiet zone near Sineu
: V 564 930.000.-
Charming Majorcan finca with holiday rental license in Manacor
: V 442 895.000.-
Country house with guest apartment and spectacular views near Montuïri
: V 534 890.000.-
Charming country house with pool and holiday license in Petra
: V 487 865.000.-
Beautiful country house with rental license close to the beach in Manacor
: V 426 850.000.-
Nice newly built country house in a quiet location near Manacor
: V 455 830.000.-
Country house with sea view nearby Manacor
: V 156 770.000.-
Exclusive turnkey-project of country house in full nature in Sineu
: V 331 755.000.-
Majorcan finca turnkey building project in quiet area with nice views
: V 334 725.000.-
Great opportunity! Beautiful turnkey project with nice views in Sineu
: V 550 725.000.-
Unique plot with basic building project on perfect location in S'Horta
: V 519 700.000.-
Nice villa in a quiet location with sea view in Portocristo
: V 428 700.000.-
Spectacular project with vineyard permit in Maria de la Salut
: V 370 695.000.-
Country house with nice views and peaceful environment Son Macia
: V 561 695.000.-
Huge rustic plot ideal for vineyards with nice views nearby Petra
: V 485 690.000.-
Beautiful townhouse in peaceful location outside of Son Carrio
: V 456 680.000.-
Former train station of Campos transformed into a stately villa
: V 535 680.000.-
Nice country house to be reformed in a very quiet area in Manacor
: V 529 675.000.-
Magnificent stately home to reform in Sant Joan
: V 536 670.000.-
Beautiful house on the outskirts of San Joan with views to the village
: V 414 650.000.-
Historic town house with character to reform in the centre of Manacor
: V 409 640.000.-
Two-storey country house in Son Macia with nice view to the mountains
: V 367 640.000.-
Finca to renovate in quiet location very close to Manacor
: V 472 636.000.-
Nice finca in quiet location with tourist rental license in Son Carrio
: V 462 595.000.-
Large plot with amazing sea views and a basic project in Porto Criso
: V 502 590.000.-
Spectacular Majorcan Casal to reform with wine cellar in Sant Joan
: V 489 580.000.-
Beautiful and quiet country house in the middle of nature in Manacor
: V 312 550.000.-
House in construction with nice views in Sant Llorenç
: V 173 550.000.-
New building project with beautiful sea view in Cala Santanyí
: V 565 525.000.-
Old townhouse renovated in Majorcan style in Sant Llorenç
: V 208 515.000.-
Majestic manor house with spectacular 231 sqm garden in the centre of Manacor
: V 368 480.000.-
Beautiful house with spacious patio and sunny terrace in Manacor
: V 376 480.000.-
Wonderful plot in the middle of nature very close to Manacor
: V 315 450.000.-
Country house on a beautiful plot nearby Manacor
: V 125 450.000.-
Cozy recently reformed country house in Felanitx with horse estables
: V 517 450.000.-
Interesting reform project for a typical country house near Manacor
: V 493 450.000.-
Cozy apartment in residential complex near the sea in Cala Santanyí
: V 526 440.000.-
Exclusive building plot near the sea in Porto Petro
: V 416 395.000.-
Huge rustic plot ideal for vineyards with nice views nearby Petra
: V 484 390.000.-
Country house to renew with large plot and nice views in Manacor
: V 377 375.000.-
Cozy finca with garden and swimming pool very close to Son Servera
: V 486 370.000.-
Nice plot with wonderful sea view between Portocristo und Portocolom
: V 554 365.000.-
Peaceful plot with nice views an basis building project in Manacor
: V 552 360.000.-
Fantastic building plot with privacy and basic project in Son Serra de Marina
: V 439 360.000.-
Nice Plot with spectacular and modern basic project near sa Ràpita
: V 533 350.000.-
2 beautiful building plots of 15,000 m2 with sea views in Son Macia
: V 471 330.000.-
Nice plot with spectacular views to the Pla of Mallorca near Ariany
: V 333 325.000.-
Nice plot with basic project for a detached house in Cala Anguila
: V 513 298.000.-
House to renovate in Portocristo. Perfect for investors!
: V 470 295.000.-
Beautiful plot with nice views and an innovating project nearby Petra
: V 494 295.000.-
Elevated plot with panoramic views and basic project in Montuïri
: V 499 285.000.-
Exclusive housing complex in a quiet and nice location in Cala Santanyí
: V 335 280.000.-
Nice plot in quiet location overlooking the countryside in Manacor
: V 413 275.000.-
Exclusive plot with building license with stunning views in Manacor
: V 422 275.000.-
Flat plot in good location with nice views to the landscape in Manacor
: V 436 275.000.-
Beautiful plot in very quiet area near Felanitx
: V 549 265.000.-
Beautifully located plot with nice views and building license in Manacor
: V 356 250.000.-
Quiet plot with nice views and building project in Felanitx
: V 553 250.000.-
Genuine Majorcan village house to be refurnished in Santa Margalida
: V 378 248.000.-
Spectacular into-the-landscape integrated project nearby Petra
: V 495 245.000.-
Unique Opportunity! Nice plot in a quiet area near Portocristo
: V 505 245.000.-
Nice plot with building project and beautiful view in Sant Llorenç
: V 395 240.000.-
Large plot in a quiet area near Manacor
: V 516 240.000.-
Large and very peaceful building plot in Felanitx
: V 548 240.000.-
Attractive plot with building project with nice views in Cala Romantica
: V 407 230.000.-
Large plot with fantastic views in a quiet area in Santa Margalida
: V 388 225.000.-
Exclusive plot with project and beautiful views of Petra
: V 496 225.000.-
Beautiful two-story townhouse renovated in Vilafranca de Bonany
: V 491 219.000.-
Interesting townhouse to be renovated in the center of Maria de la Salut
: V 444 215.000.-
20.000 sqm plot in a quiet area near the small town of Petra
: V 400 215.000.-
Large plot with own water well very close to Manacor
: V 537 215.000.-
Very nicely located plot of 15.000m2 with basic project nearby Ariany
: V 437 210.000.-
Cozy country house to reform in a quiet are very close to Manacor
: V 515 210.000.-
Beautiful plot with building license in peaceful location in Porreres
: V 394 210.000.-
Nice plot with basic project and full of native vegetation in Manacor
: V 557 200.000.-
Townhouse to be reformed with sunny courtyard in Sant Llorenç
: V 457 197.000.-
Nice apartment in quiet location close to the beach in Cala Millor
: V 474 196.000.-
Nice plot with lush vegetation between Porreres and Llucmajor
: V 328 180.000.-
Great opportunity: building plot with nice views in Son Talent, Manacor
: V 514 180.000.-
Large plot with nice views to the landscape in Maria de la Salut
: V 391 168.000.-
House to be refurnished with 900 sqm garden in Maria de la Salut
: V 392 160.000.-
Plot with spectacular views with basis project in Manacor
: V 556 160.000.-
Peaceful plot with basic building project very close to Manacor
: V 547 130.000.-
Nice and quiet plot with views to the landscape in Manacor
: V 232 107.000.-
Interesting opportunity plot with building license and views to Petra
: V 490 100.000.-
Building plot for house construction in the small village Son Carrio
: V 379 95.000.-
House to reform with large patio very close to the center in Manacor
: V 415 95.000.-
Attractive new project in picturesque landscape near Porto Cristo
: V 298 Price on request

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